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Containers and Cold Chain Solutions

Container Services

Pre-Trip Inspections

Inspection of all technical functions and possible visible damage to the reefer unit or generator set. Following this procedure, a single quotation is submitted enabling any repairs to be carried out directly. This is done by our own factory-trained personnel, i.e. with first-hand know-how.

Monitoring Inspection

Inspection of technical functions and settings of loaded containers (temperature, humidity control, ventilation etc.), 24 hours before loading/after unloading.

Service Calls

Repair of reefer units when loaded in the event of a fault or failure after notification by the customer or terminal. Engineers are on standby 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for this.

Off-Hire or On-Hire Inspection

Inspection of all technical functions and any visible damage based on the leasing company’s specifications. Following this inspection all repairs are carried out based on an estimate.

Warranty and Modifications

Repair or the completion of modifications are dealt with independently within the manufacturer’s warranty. Details of this work are notified to the customer/owner of the reefer unit and charged to the supplier. Total cost control for our customers is paramount in our view.

Extra: Maintenance & Repair Service

In the light of the increasing requirement for technical know-how in the shipping line in the field of Maintenance & Repair, we offer our customers a full-service package including M&R services. This service gives you the option of leaving specific matters wholly or partially in the hands of ACM . You have the questions, we have the answers.

Other Services

Renting Power packs and Gensets to provide electricity to the ongoing reefer containers from shipper premises to ports or any other applications with a power up to 400KW .In addition to the above main products, we offer cleaning and repair of dry containers and tanktainer according to IICL criteria or the owner criteria.
Marine & Industrial refrigeration

Maintenance and repair for all type of units

Marine and industrial refrigeration is specialism that has been a core ACM activity since the company was established. We hold a leading position in that field; our technical know-how guaranties our competitive edge in designs, construction, maintenance and service.

Design and custom made package units

The world of refrigeration systems is constantly changing. As a supplier we ensure that our level of know-how is as high as possible so that you are the first to profit from innovations. Thus ACM leads the field with durable, energy-saving and environment-friendly applications.

Compressor overhauls and Class inspections

We can do all types of compressors overhauls (mechanical and electrical) with Geneon spare parts, and one year guarantee on our repairs.

Field experience in retrofits and system modifications

Projects in the field of refrigeration are never the same. There are always diverging specifications and unique ambient factors. For ACM’s consultants and engineers this represents a challenge which is successfully accepted. The result of our efforts is an effective and lasting solution which contributes to the customer’s economic continuity.

Spare parts for cargo and air conditioning systems

ACM store parts of all major refrigeration manufactories, and are able to supply any thing you need from bolt to compressor.
Reefer Terminal Operation

Main concept

The container terminal operators can leave the whole range of reefer terminal operation in our capable hands.

Deliver loaded reefers

We can receive and deliver loaded reefers from and to vessels or trucks and make sure all technical functions and sittings are OK.

Monitor the reefer machinery

Monitor the reefer machinery operation 24hrs a day and report any malfunction units.

Plug and unplug loaded reefers

Plug and unplug loaded reefers to be shifted on board or on trucks.

Provide the reefer terminal with powerpacks

Provide the reefer terminal with powerpacks to insure enough electricity to keep reefer units running.
Containers & Equipments Trade

buy,sale & lease purchase all types of containers

ACM as independent or as agent for Waterfront Container Leasing Co. buy, sale and lease purchase all types & sizes of ISO containers &Tanks any where in the world.

buy, sale & lease all types of container handling equipments

ACM as independent or as agent for Waterfront Container leasing Co. buy, sale and lease purchase all kinds of containers handling equipments such as chases, tag-masters, top-lifters and reach-stackers.

buy, sale & lease purchase power generation Equipments

ACM as independent or as agent for Waterfront Container Leasing Co. buy, sale & lease purchase Gensets and containers powerpacks any where in the world.
Cold Chain Consultation

ACM as service provider to LGMS

As service provider to the French Company LGMS we can provide our customers with the following
1 - Organic & Conventional Fresh fruits & Vegetable trading.
2 - Modified Atmosphere (MA) in the reefer containers & ballets.
3 - Modified Atmosphere bags in cartons.
4 - Cold chain management – temperature & humidity recorders

ACM as service provider for TransFRESH system

We offer our customers TransFRESH modified atmosphere (MA) System in reefer containers & ballets to extend the shelf live for all kinds Of berries & many other fruits and vegetables

ACM as Distributor for Fresh MAP bagging system

We offer our customers Fresh MAP bagging system for modified atmosphere (MA) bags in cartons and (MA) in pockets cards.

ACM as Distributer for Escort data logging instruments

We offer our customer Escort instruments for cold chain management and traceability (temperature & humidity recorders) single and multi use.

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